Managed PBX Phone System

The Ultimate Phone System for Business

The NEWT Managed PBX is fast becoming the choice of Canadian companies both large and small for their new or replacement business phone systems.

Companies are benefiting from a far more flexible business voice solution at a fraction of the cost. It's a managed solution so they avoid the headaches associated with older, less robust PBX systems.

End-to-End Managed Solution

NEWT Managed PBX is neither a hosted nor a premise based PBX; it provides the best of both technologies. It could best be described as a "Hybrid" or "Network based" solution. NEWT Managed PBX is installed across the Fibernetics CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier) network. The Fibernetics CLEC voice and data network coupled with the NEWT Managed PBX solution provides an End-to-End solution, which is scalable, dependable and delivers significant savings to a company's bottom line.  It's also fully managed by a team of professionals you can count on.  If you need service, they're always available to help you.

Eliminate your expensive business phone lines

Fibernetics owns the technology and the network, therefore the NEWT Managed PBX eliminates the need for costly business phone lines or the expense of per seat or per license pricing. NEWT Managed PBX includes 80 enterprise-grade features, with new feature releases and upgrades at no additional charge to our customers.


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