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Ready to meet the people who belong on your team?
Any recruiter can match resumes to job requirements. Finding people who fit your team and culture is trickier.

It takes deep discovery. The recruiter needs to talk with the hiring manager, meet the teammates, experience the workplace, and understand why people choose to work for you.

Do you go through the arduous process of advertising job openings and waiting for job applicants to come filing in, aspiring to become hired before the day is over? Afterwards, the applicant hired may still not be as efficient and as capable as what he or she appears on paper.

Local market knowledge, broad national (and international) coverage, extensive industry contacts and a deep understanding of each client’s strategy and culture allow us to identify, attract and help build the best possible board for our clients.

We begin each board recruitment engagement by first building a detailed understanding of the client’s organization in order to accurately identify candidates who have the skills and temperament to complement the existing board. We then utilize our extensive network of industry contacts to source the best available talent from industry leading organizations. Finally, our extensive industry reference checking confirms each candidate’s performance and personality and reduces the risk associated with recruiting externally for senior leaders.

We know what makes us stand apart the rest!

We are NOT a temporary staffing agency, unskilled labour supplier nor are we managing a database filled with posted resumes of job seekers.

We ARE a source for elite, high skills professionals; proven candidates with cross discipline expertise and experiences in technology sectors. Our distinguished talent for contingent contract or permanent position are best-of-breed candidates for roles as Network/Systems Admin, Software Development (.net. java, etc), Project Management, Business Analysis (BA), Testing (QA), Database Administration and Rollout/Technical support.

We ARE your partner for Board Member, Senior Executive and Professional candidates.

Why Outsource Recruiting

Ease of finding employees

Recruitment agencies make hiring employees easier as they find the labor force, they filter them through an intense interview and skill test procedure and send only the cream of the crop to your company. You won’t have to experience headaches after sifting through hundreds of resumes and ending up with people who only look capable on paper. Our skilled agency ensures you get only the employees that you really need to have.

Save more money

Instead of paying ridiculously high prices just to circulate ads through newspapers, television and other forms of media to advertise for applicants followed by another spend of more money in human resources to filter various resumes and applicants received, companies can simply pay the services of ITB Recruitment Agency to get the best qualified employees that they need. If you put the prices paid for ads and human resources against the fee you pay ITB Recruitment Agency, you will see just how much money you will be saving.

Save more time

Compared to posting various ads in different forms of media, paying an agency fee enables you to review fewer applicants than you would have to screen through independently. The aspiring candidates that you receive are certain to have the best skills you require for the specific job opening. Unlike job opening ads wherein you have to read every single resume sent in, you choose from the pool of high-calibre candidates, pre-qualified for the skills you need by ITB recruitment and you are assured each possess the skills you need.

Relationships, not resumes

Deep Intake
Understanding must-haves, nice-to-haves, company culture and team dynamic is key to finding the right people. We don’t just read the job description – we interview the hiring manager.
Culture Fit
Typical agency recruiters find qualified resumes. ITB's recruiters find the right people. We find candidates who aren’t just qualified – they fit your corporate culture, too.
Candidate Experience
A good candidate experience is founded on communication and respect. Your candidates get a positive first impression, because we consider their needs and keep them informed.
Partnership & Commitment
We want to be your partner. You can count on us to respect your needs, concerns and time. Keep us in mind for when you’re ready. Pay only if you fill the role.