Regulatory Compliance

APPROVED BY TRAC: 4-16-655-4336-27

The global standard for baseline due diligence

TRAC is the global platform that captures, assesses and shares baseline due diligence information on organizations and individuals and assigns a unique, universally-recognized ID number to all approved applicants within 48 hours. It is a robust and rapid tool that enables continuous monitoring. ITB's corporate business, leadership team and practices are APPROVED by TRAC and monitored for ongoing compliance.

About TRACE International, Inc.

TRACE provides an end-to-end, cost-effective and practical solution for anti-bribery and third party compliance. TRACE International, the leading anti-bribery standard setting business association, pools resources to provide members with technology-enabled compliance tools and an expansive knowledge center. TRACE members include hundreds of multinational corporations, as well as thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises throughout the world. TRACE International works with TRACE Incorporated to offer both members and non-members customizable risk-based due diligence, training and advisory services. With a shared mission to advance commercial transparency, TRACE International and TRACE Incorporated provide companies with one complete anti-bribery and third party compliance solution.

About TRAC

In the process of providing anti-bribery services, TRACE identified a broader need for a global system to verify baseline due diligence information for companies, partnerships, charities, and individuals committed to commercial transparency. TRAC, which stands for TRACE Registered Access Code, enables organizations and individuals to create an online compliance profile. TRAC holders are each assigned a unique code (TRAC) and have the ability to share their online profile with all of their global business partners. TRACE Incorporated owns and operates the TRAC system and employs multi-lingual TRAC analysts to review and verify applications before assigning TRAC numbers to users.