Board Member, Executive & Professional Recruitment

We believe all businesses succeed or fail based on the strength of their people. In our opinion, the three areas where the caliber of talent has the highest impact on an organization are:

  1. The governance skills of board members;
  2. The leadership skills of the executive team, and;
  3. The competence, motivation and engagement of professional and technical staff.

Our Board Member, Executive & Professional recruiting services help clients add the necessary Operations, Legal, Technology, Human Resources, Stakeholder Relations, Sales and Marketing skills that are essential to building an effective governance framework for any organization.

Our Board Member, Executive & Professional recruitment services include the following:

  1. Mapping the skill competencies and tenures of the current board;
  2. Identifying critical skill gaps and upcoming succession requirements;
  3. Confirming the industry and organizational dynamics facing the board;
  4. Recruiting seasoned leaders from the client’s industry and related industries to fill critical skill and succession needs; and
  5. Strengthening the board’s ability to establish an effective governance framework.

We begin each board recruitment engagement by first building a detailed understanding of the client’s organization in order to accurately identify candidates who have the skills and temperament to complement the existing board. We then utilize our extensive network of industry contacts to source the best available talent from industry leading organizations. Finally, our extensive industry reference checking confirms each candidate’s performance and personality and reduces the risk associated with recruiting externally for senior leaders.

Local market knowledge, broad national (and international) coverage, extensive industry contacts and a deep understanding of each client’s strategy and culture allow us to identify, attract and help build the best possible board for our clients.

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