"If you hear this one more time I’m sure it won’t hurt, thank you!


You walked into our office and things haven’t been the same since. You introduced your company as an I.T. procurement partner for TransUnion Canada by suggesting that we give you a try as a #2 vendor; to contact you if we were having trouble with our primary vendor. That day came and we haven’t looked back since.


You have helped us to optimize our I.T. budgets by understanding our corporate needs rather just pushing products at us. Allowing us to leverage your manufacturer relationships has been invaluable when a solution was required over product brand.


TransUnion Canada’s customers are served faster and with more accuracy in part because of our relationship with you.


You are now our primary vendor because of your value-add and you have worked hard to earn this position. You have never been only an I.T. procurement partner. The endless list of expert professional services amazes even me. You have a well put together company that we will continue to deal with for years to come."

Mr. Tony Mosca, (Trans Union Canada)