B2B & Brand Marketing

Our B2B experience is unique in a world of marketing agencies that can only focus on the features and benefits of a product, versus our vision that promotes an organization's capabilities, service offering or product innovation. We understand that B2B marketing for manufacturers is not a race with a finish line, but a never ending marathon under constant threat by competitors and often limited by cost restrictions. To help our clients stay ahead of the global copy-cats, we invest our time to learn about the client's organization while matching our real world experience and understanding. We know the world is always open for business and we are able to adapt tactics quickly while remaining strategic.

The way we approach marketing a particular product or service is to determine the existing awareness. Often we are asked about a specific tactical medium and our response is that it may be a good idea, but it should be a part of a larger campaign involving several activities to reach the right audience. If you think about how many times it takes to remember the name of someone you just met, think about how many times it takes someone to understand your product and organization. In this way, ITB suggests you may need 7 different points of contact to have you and your brand remembered. This can involve something as simple as the footer on your email to a fully optimized website, but the main point is that you multiply the ways you get in front of a prospect.

Our loyalty is steadfast to our existing customers. If you have a non-competing product and need reliable outsourced marketing support we encourage you to contact us.

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