Our Advantages


Consultancy & Strategic Development

We understand that your IT system is an integral part of your business and we will work with you to develop a plan to ensure the longevity and stability of your system. We have experience in consolidating existing systems and re-structuring them so that you get the optimal performance with minimal hassle.

Cloud computing early adopter

The cloud today is about changing the way organizations, employees, and partners interact and work together. Using cloud technology, we not only become more efficient and more effective, but the technology truly becomes an enabler for collaboration.

A new value proposition has taken shape — one that truly realizes the full power and original intent of the modern cloud. It comes from the ability to connect disparate applications to form one seamless web of IT. In a 100 percent web environment, APIs from dozens of applications can be integrated to allow data to flow across systems.

Bricks and mortar

We like to tell you that we have an office in your neighbourhood, here's why.

Our approach to office space is to leverage the industry leading manufacturer & vendor facilities nearest you. It is a foundation of our thinking that since our engagements almost always involve a premier industry manufacturer, we should meet with you in their corporate space, transparent and honest about each company’s role in your solution development & planning. To us it’s logical thinking that we develop your Microsoft solutions strategies at your local Microsoft Training Centre surrounded by expertise and the exact technologies we discuss.

We give our customers the opportunity to visit us to work on IT systems planning, budgeting or simply for a coffee and a chat about the latest technology in environments developing today and tomorrows information technology solutions.

ITB COSTplus® Purchasing

ITB COSTplus® Purchasing is an acquisition program that increases the value of your spending dollars by addressing projected maintenance & support costs, equipment standardization policies, direct manufacturer hardware contracts and much more. The program manages workflow systems integration, custom software interfaces, financing & reporting. You can start saving time and money on day one.